What Is EXCITE International

A not-for-profit initiative, EXCITE International is a global collaboration of key stakeholders — innovators/industry, regulators, payers, health systems, patients, scientists and end-users — working together in the premarket space to change the paradigm of health technology innovation and adoption. Our unique approach helps innovators of breakthrough technologies achieve accelerated adoption with greater certainty, at a lower cost. Faster market adoption improves patient outcomes and drives health system efficiencies.

The Current Landscape of Health Technology Innovation

Existing approaches to driving innovations across the trajectory from development to evaluation, adoption and post-adoption evaluation are fragmented, inefficient, counterintuitive, expensive and unnecessarily convoluted.

Status Quo Development Pathway

The current paradigm delays patient access to potentially important technologies, increases risk to investors and innovators, stifles innovation and contributes to a difficult relationship between industry and health systems.

The risk of rejection and ultimate uptake for innovators using current assessment pathways is unacceptably high. Payers are rejecting more than 50 per cent of regulatory-approved novel health technologies because the right evidence is not available to ascertain the value of the technology. Generating evidence to suit payer needs becomes a downstream hurdle for innovators and compromises both the innovators’ ability to capitalize on their investments and patients’ and health care systems’ ability to access safe and efficacious technologies.

Our Solution: Stakeholder Collaboration

EXCITE International believes that all stakeholders, including innovators/industry, regulators, payers, health systems, end users and patients need to work together across the full innovation lifecycle, from the premarket/pre-adoption phase through post-adoption.

Health systems need to be thought of as a single ecosystem, with greater stakeholder collaboration enabling improved innovation-to-adoption pathways for medical devices and value-based approaches to outcomes and reimbursement.

EXCITE International Approach: Stakeholder Involvement and Buy-in

With the EXCITE International collaborative approach, customized clinical trial protocols are designed with input from international payers, members of the scientific community and other relevant key stakeholders. This ensures that evidence relevant to key decision makers in the post-market space is identified and collected cohesively in the pre-market space. Our world-class methodological centres then work closely with global clinical trial sites to implement this inclusive protocol to collect, analyze and synthesize data for adoption purposes. For EXCITE International, the benchmark for success is adoption. Each participating country is responsible for working with their key stakeholders to invite their participation in the selection, evaluation and adoption of breakthrough technologies through their collaboration as an EXCITE International partner.

We believe that engaging with the full spectrum of stakeholders in the pre-market space will expedite time to market and allow for the successful multi-market adoption of technologies of high impact to patients and health care systems.

The Value of EXCITE International

The EXCITE International Process

Work with us. EXCITE International can assist you in facilitating multi-jurisdictional clinical trials through its partnership with government, clinical experts, methodology centres and health system decision makers.