Early Technology Review

The Early Technology Review (ETR) is an innovative, confidential offering available to companies to assist them in further developing their health technology in ways which align with the perspectives of payers, heath systems, expert end-users and, as appropriate, patients (“stakeholders”).

The Review is informed by expert panels, appointed by EXCITE International, drawn from stakeholders across our large international infrastructure and collaboration. The ETR process involves developing a thorough understanding of the technology and its relevance; an appreciation of the ecosystem within which the technology is expected to perform; its ideal deployment and application as an additive, replacement, or adjunctive technology; the most appropriate target population; and, expected comparators of interest. Whereas the ETR offering is available at any stage of the pathway from innovation to adoption, we believe it is preferable to initiate the process as early as possible, even prior to establishing proof-of-concept.

Each ETR is tailored according to a framework developed and agreed to by the company and the expert panel under the direction of EXCITE International. The approach differs according to the stage in the development cycle at which the ETR is requested, the nature of the technology under consideration, and specific objectives brought forward by the company.

An ETR involves members of EXCITE International’s Payers’ Advisory Committee and International Scientific Collaboration, along with international expert end-users and individuals from our patient engagement initiative. It typically also includes elements of an early Health Technology Assessment (eHTA) as well as an analysis of economic and other potential downstream effects. The Review involves the company in a substantial way and takes, on average, 16 weeks to complete.

Engaging in an ETR benefits companies developing new health technologies and is also of potential interest to investors seeking an unparalleled opportunity to assess risk by having input directly from the EXCITE International’s broad-based collaboration.

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