The Value Of EXCITE International

EXCITE International engages multiple stakeholders across global jurisdictions to provide earlier validation of breakthrough health technologies that increase value to patients, reduce costs to and improve efficiencies within health systems and outperform current solutions in the market.

Our collaboration provides significant benefits for each stakeholder group:


  • Coordinated and harmonized clinical trial protocol development that meets the needs and expectations of all stakeholders including regulators and payers as the basis for clinical trials conducted across multiple global jurisdictions
  • Access to payers, expert clinicians and scientific methodologists in multiple jurisdictions
    Mitigated risk related to product development, evidence generation and ultimate market uptake
  • Exploration of conditions related to successful adoption within target jurisdictions in parallel with evidence generation
  • Early socialization of technology among relevant stakeholders
  • Mitigated risk of re-submission to regulatory bodies
  • Decreased time and costs related to evidence generation, using clinical trial protocols that address both regulatory and reimbursement endpoints simultaneously in multiple markets
  • Identification of value-based outcomes in premarket clinical trial protocol design that could form the basis for risk-sharing agreements with health systems in jurisdictions where this is being sought
  • Early technology review: towards an expedited pathway


  • Selection of clinical outcomes in protocol development that are important to patients
  • Input into all levels of EXCITE International activities to reflect patient perspectives
  • Faster access to innovative health technologies with proven outcomes


  • Mitigated re-submissions leading to faster regulatory approval times of safe and efficacious innovative technologies
  • Greater alignment between health system and innovation agenda

Payers/Health Systems

  • Strong influence to the innovation pipeline through creation of a ‘pull technology’ model for innovation
  • Upstream selection of breakthrough impactful medical technologies that improve patient outcomes and/or health systems efficiencies
  • Closer alignment between stakeholder priorities/pain-points and identification of viable, innovative solutions
  • Ability to articulate endpoints of relevance and influence protocol development
  • Early awareness of innovative technologies allowing longer lead time to plan downstream integration into existing care pathways
  • Expedited access to world-class innovative technologies
  • Decreased costs. Earlier identification of more effective/efficient technologies helps expedite adoption and avoid extra costs created by multiple studies made necessary by inadequate or inappropriate premarket studies, from which payers are currently excluded
  • Unique and impactful Payers' Advisory Committee Guidance document.

Academic Centres

  • Access to breakthrough technologies
  • Opportunities to contribute to multi-market research and testing initiatives
  • Contribute to key publications in collaboration with global thought leaders and experts
  • Participate meaningfully in impactful policy change
  • Address new methodological challenges through collaboration and knowledge translation with other leading global academic centres

Economic development

  • Grow innovation economy through participation in the EXCITE international innovation ecosystem, resulting in high growth local scale-ups to achieve global reach

The EXCITE International Process

Who Is Involved

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The Value of EXCITE International Explained:

Work with us. EXCITE International can assist you in facilitating multi-jurisdictional clinical trials through its partnership with government, clinical experts, methodology centres and health system decision makers.