Our Global Partners

As EXCITE International grows, we continue to strengthen our relationships with global strategic partners who represent regulators, payers, health systems, patients, expert end-users and scientists (“stakeholders”). Through this global partnership, EXCITE International offers companies and its stakeholders an unparalleled collaborative approach to selecting, evaluating and adopting impactful new health technologies across the full continuum from proof-of-concept to protocol development.

Our Partner-Specific Approach:


We have built strong relationships with payers and health systems whose pivotal involvement occurs through active participation on the Payers’ Advisory Committee . Representatives on the Payers’ Advisory Committee are drawn from Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Centre for Medicare and Medicaid, Kaiser Permanente and AETNA.

Industry is also well represented through our close association with AdvaMed and the Medical Devices Manufacturers Association (MDMA). Our close working relationship with the Medical Devices Innovation Consortium (MDIC) focuses on regulatory science and discussions have been initiated with the Yale Medical School CORE program and the Patient Centered Research Foundation to develop access patient outcomes data for technology evaluation purposes. Currently, we are in early discussions to develop similar opportunities with Evidence Street (Blue Cross Blue Shield Association) and the evolving NEST program (MDIC). We include the expectations of the FDA in all our offerings through the interaction between the FDA and companies to define the most appropriate pathway to regulatory approval.


An early version of the EXCITE concept was initially piloted in Ontario starting in 2012 with funding from the Ontario government. The current and more advanced EXCITE International model includes an impressive functional cross section of stakeholders.


In 2018, EXCITE International established a formal relationship with Norway through an MOU with Norway HealthTech with the intent to expand into a national collaboration, EXCITE Norway. The idea is to extend the partnership through the development of a Nordic Collaboration built on the foundation of this initiative.


In 2018, EXCITE International established a formal relationship with the Netherlands through an agreement with Radboud University Medical Center (Radboudumc). The vision will develop this relationship into a national collaboration, EXCITE Netherlands. There are three key Radboudumc programs that are integral to the partnership:

  1. MedValue’s early HTA and decision analysis used in all EXCITE International’s offerings to form the evidentiary base.
  2. Their clinical trials unit with an extensive network across the Netherlands extending into the rest of Europe.
  3. ReShape Innovation Centre intersects technology and patient empowerment, providing an international lead for EXCITE International in its patient engagement initiatives.

United Kingdom

Over the past two years, there has been considerable involvement between EXCITE International and the National Health Service (NHS), NICE, senior investigators, the Association of British HealthTech Industries, the Office of Life Sciences, the Academic Health Science Networks, and the IDEAL program. This engagement is reflected in the strong representation of the United Kingdom on key EXCITE International Board subcommittees. EXCITE International will continue to work with the appropriate interface with the U.K.’s national strategy to accelerate the adoption of new health technologies as the opportunity to formalize the relationship according to our mandate to encourage global reach for member countries.

Work with us. EXCITE International can assist you in facilitating multi-jurisdictional clinical trials through its partnership with government, clinical experts, methodology centres and health system decision makers.