• Changes coming to the U.S. and European Regulator Agencies 
  • Emerging partnerships between Payers/Health Systems and Industry 
  • The essential role patients play in de-risking pathway from innovation to adoption 
  • New approaches to clinical trials making them more efficient and affordable 
  • Expedited global reach with improved chances of successful coverage decisions
  • Impending changes in funding of health technologies

EXCITE International's unique approach engages industry, payers, health systems, expert end-users and patients across the full pathway from innovation to adoption bringing these technologies to market with greater certainty and at a lower cost. 

Keynote Speakers & Panelists

In order of appearance in the program.

  • Dr. Les Levin

    Dr. Les Levin CEO and CSO, EXCITE International

  • Dr. Rick Kuntz

    Dr. Rick Kuntz Senior Vice President and Chief Medical and Scientific Officer, Medtronic, Inc.

  • Trent Haywood

    Dr. Trent Haywood Chief Medical Officer, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

  • Sir Andrew Dillon

    Sir Andrew Dillon Chief Executive, NICE

  • Joe Gatewood

    Joe Gatewood Vice President for Global Strategy and Analysis, AdvaMed

  • Jeff Shuren

    Dr. Jeff Shuren Director, Center for Devices and Radiological Health, FDA

  • Paul Brooks

    Paul Brooks Executive Director, RAPS

  • Naomi Aronson

    Naomi Aronson Executive Director of Clinical Evaluation, Innovation, and Policy, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association

  • Tamara Syrek Jensen

    Tamara Syrek Jensen Director, Coverage and Analysis Group, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services

  • Jo Carol Hiatt

    Dr. Jo Carol Hiatt Chair, National Product Council, Kaiser Permanente

  • Maroeska Rovers

    Maroeska Rovers Professor of Evidence Based Surgery, Radboud University

  • Stig Slørdahl

    Stig Slørdahl CEO, Central Norway Regional Health Authority 

  • Carl Moons

    Carl Moons Professor of Clinical Epidemiology, Julius Center, Utrecht University

  • Shahira Bhimani

    Shahira Bhimani Director, MaRS EXCITE

  • Nina Pinwill

    Nina Pinwill Head of Commercial Operations, National Health Service

  • Pall Johnsson

    Páll Jónsson Associate Director of Research and Development, NICE

  • Bryan Luce

    Bryan Luce CEO, LUCE Outcomes Research

  • Jeff Popma

    Dr. Jeff Popma Chief Scientific Officer, Baim Institute for Clinical Research

  • Peter McCulloch

    Dr. Peter McCulloch Professor of Surgical Science and Practice, University of Oxford

  • Elise Berliner

    Elise Berliner Director of the Technology Assessment Program, AHRQ

  • Murray Sheldon

    Dr. Murray Sheldon Associate Director for Technology and Innovation Center for Devices and Radiological Health, FDA

  • Sean Tunis

    Dr. Sean Tunis President and CEO, Center for Medical Technology Policy

  • Parashar Patel

    Parashar Patel Senior Advisor, Health Policy & Payment, MDMA

  • Carl Gilhuus-Moe

    Carl Gilhuus-Moe Chair, Norway HealthTech

  • Richard Price

    Richard Price Senior Vice President, AdvaMed

  • Brian Lewis

    Brian Lewis CEO, MEDEC

  • Per Olav Vandvik

    Per Olav Vandvik Professor, Department of Health Management and Health Economics, University of Oslo

  • John Collins

    John Collins, Consortia for Improving Medicine with Innovation and Technology, Massachusetts General Hospital

  • Stephanie Christopher

    Stephanie Christopher Program Director, Case for Quality and Science of Patient Input, MDIC

  • Suzanne Schrandt

    Suzanne Schrandt Director, Patient Engagement Arthritis Foundation 

  • Kim McCleary

    Kim McCleary CEO, The Kith Collective  

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March 26 - AM Sessions
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March 26 - PM Sessions
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Thank You from Dr. Les Levin, CEO

I wish to express my deep gratitude to everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to be with us at the Washington Summit on March 26th and 27th. The presentations highlighted the exceptional work being done by multiple stakeholders involved in the health technology industry. I look forward to continuing our joint work in accelerating the pathway from innovation to adoption and thank you for your continued support and involvement in EXCITE International.

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A not-for-profit initiative, EXCITE International is a global collaboration of key stakeholders — innovators/industry, regulators, payers, health systems, patients, scientists and end-users — working together in the premarket space to change the paradigm of health technology innovation and adoption.

Our unique approach helps innovators of breakthrough technologies achieve accelerated adoption with greater certainty, at a lower cost. Faster market adoption improves patient outcomes and drives health system efficiencies.

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