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EXCITE International shifts the medical technology innovation approval and uptake paradigm to a pre-market harmonized design that better meets the needs of regulators, payers and health systems.  

EXCITE International Shifting Technology Innovation

Operating principles include early validation from, and engagement of, all stakeholders across multiple jurisdictions, enabling accelerated innovation-to-adoption pathways.

At EXCITE International, we recognize the importance of shifting the existing medical technology approval and uptake paradigm from a post-market health technology assessment design (often decoupled from regulatory evidence generation), to a pre-market harmonized process that meets the needs and expectations of regulators, payers and health systems for selected technologies.

This collaborative approach will accelerate the availability of potentially new and effective treatments to patients and offer more efficient approaches to health care delivery.

It also presents opportunities for health systems and patients to become more involved in creating a health innovation pipeline that responds to their needs.

We are Supporting Industry By:

  • Using the EXCITE International partnership platform, innovators can access expert clinicians and methodologists across multiple jurisdictions who can aid in designing and executing clinical studies to further advance and establish the evidence regarding their technology’s effectiveness
  • Initiating a multinational approach to technology evaluation encourages broad-based adoption, leveraging a single streamlined platform.
  • Providing early validation from, and engagement of, regulators, funders, public/patients and the broader health system, increasing the probability of adoption
  • Enabling global reach for medical technologies, using pre-market collaborative approaches aligned with the clinical trial requirements of multiple jurisdictions during simultaneous evaluations
  • Preparing health systems to assemble the necessary human resource and other infrastructure requirements associated with uptake of effective new technologies

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