Proceedings from the EXCITE International Summit, June 2, 2016

EXCITE International convened high-level healthcare leaders at an inaugural multijurisdictional Summit on June 2-3, 2016 at the MaRS Discovery District, Toronto’s science, technology and innovation hub.

The EXCITE International Summit was the first comprehensive attempt to answer one of health technology’s most pressing problems:

How do we accelerate the development and adoption of promising, breakthrough technologies, so they reach patients faster and more quickly impact the effectiveness and value of healthcare delivery?

Across the world, the introduction of new innovative health technologies is a complex process with many potential obstacles. Payers want to avoid the possible overuse and rapid uptake of low-value technologies, and developers find long delays getting products to market challenging. The journey of a new technology from initial concept to market involves many steps and involves siloed stakeholders such as government, regulators, payers and healthcare systems. Further, many new technologies are only evaluated after they reach the market, so innovators lose early opportunities for refinement. Most importantly, the opportunity to positively and significantly affect patient outcomes can be stifled or delayed.

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