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EXCITE International is a collaboration of key stakeholders working together in the premarket space to expedite access to innovative health technologies globally.

Our unique approach helps innovators of breakthrough technologies achieve accelerated adoption with greater certainty, at a lower cost. Faster market adoption improves patient outcomes and drives health system efficiencies.

Our scope of expertise draws on thought leaders and organizations working in the innovation space from around the world, including Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Our collaboration is growing rapidly as we include other jurisdictions.

Executive Board

EXCITE International is governed by our Executive Board, whose members are drawn from the worldwide community of healthcare thought leaders, corporate executives and innovators.

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Leadership Team

EXCITE International's operations are led by Dr. Les Levin, CEO and Chief Scientific Officer; Shahira Bhimani, Vice President, Business Development and Operations.

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Three critical Committees support our work at EXCITE International:

Payers’ Advisory Committee (PAC)

EXCITE International was formed in part to address the discontinuous nature of regulatory and coverage decision-making and to address these through single harmonized studies that meet the needs and expectations of both. 

Given the pivotal nature of the Payer perspective, the Payers’ Advisory Committee (PAC) provides a generic framework for addressing the interests of Payers specifically as these relate to protocol development.

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International Scientific Collaboration (ISC)

The EI Scientific Collaboration (ISC) is comprised of international experts from within the scientific community who will guide the development of protocols that will allow EI to fulfill its mandate.

Our International Scientific Collaboration members provide thought leadership and direction on innovative trial design and methodologies to guide technologies into the market more effectively.

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Advisory Council

The EXCITE International Advisory Council includes leading global scientists, innovators, corporate leaders and healthcare specialists who provide input on conditions for adoption and verify alignment with health system priorities.

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Work with us. EXCITE International can assist you in facilitating multi-jurisdictional clinical trials through its partnership with government, clinical experts, methodology centres and health system decision makers.