Per Olav Vandvik, PhD

Dr. Per Olav Vandvik is professor of medicine at the university of Oslo, senior researcher at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Norway and works part time as a consultant physician in internal medicine.

He has widespread experience and high-level expertise in digital health innovations, health research methodology, evidence-based health care (EBHC), guidelines, shared decision-making and quality improvement. Of particular relevance to Excite International is his leadership in the digital and trustworthy evidence ecosystem project (the Ecosystem). Dr. Vandvik initiated this international initiative following innovations through MAGICapp: a world leading and innovative authoring and publication platform for trustworthy clinical practice guidelines.

The Ecosystem is set up to break down silos between research and health care actors, from evidence production through evidence synthesis and guidance creation and downstream implementation and evaluation of impact on patient care and system performance. Within the Ecosystem Vandvik has also initiated the BMJ Rapid Recommendations, dramatically speeding up evidence synthesis and trustworthy guidance creation with world-wide dissemination, in the face of practice-changing evidence, for example through well-performed trials for new devices.

Taken together Dr. Vandvik – through his complementary expertise and perspectives - and the initiatives he is heading hold the potential to enhance Excite International game-changing efforts to support the industry in bringing new technologies with documented benefits to patients and society into practice.

Dr. Per Olav Vandvik, PhD, Excite International Advisory Council

Dr. Per Olav Vandvik

Professor, Senior Researcher, Consultant Physician, Norway

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