Neil D. Fraser

Dr. Neil D. Faser is the former President of Medtronic Canada and a member of the EXCITE International Executive Board and Advisory Council.

Neil Fraser retired in July 2022 from his role as President of Medtronic Canada, a subsidiary of Medtronic plc, a global leader in healthcare technology. He is currently a board member of Sona Nanotech Inc. and a member of various health-related councils including the CD Howe Institute and the International Working Group on Global Research, Development & Innovation with the BRG Institute.

In the past, he has acted as Chair of Medtech Canada, Board Member of Baycrest Health Sciences, Member of both the federal Advisory Panel on Healthcare Innovation (the “Naylor report”) and the Ontario Health Innovation Council. Several of Neil’s writings on the topic of healthcare innovation in Canada have been published, and he has frequently been invited to share his expertise on value-based procurement and outcomes-based healthcare innovation. In 2022, he was awarded the Distinguished Leader Award by the  Canadian College of Health Leaders.

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Dr. Neil Fraser, EXCITE International Board Member

Dr. Neil D. Fraser

Former President, Medtronic Canada

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