Michael Argentieri

Michael Argentieri is the Vice President of Market Development at ECRI Institute.

Michael Argentieri joined ECRI in 1981 as a Project Engineer. His initial duties included the clinical and laboratory evaluation of medical equipment and systems. He had performed comparative evaluations of breathing circuit heat and moisture exchangers, anesthesia systems, ventilators and invasive blood pressure sensors.  Mr. Argentieri was also responsible for performing Accident Investigations on Anesthesia and Ventilation systems as well as consulting on Operating Room and Critical Care technologies. In 1989 Mr. Argentieri was promoted to Director of the Health Devices System which is responsible for all medical product evaluations, hazard and recall reports. In 1991, Mr. Argentieri was promoted to Vice President for Technology Management. In addition to the above responsibilities, this position was responsible for ECRI’s consulting division and other technology programs and publications such as the Select and the Hospital Product Comparison System. Mr. Argentieri’s Vice President position was also responsible for Sales, software development and print operations. 

From 1997 till 2008, Mr. Argentieri left ECRI to hold several industrial positions starting with Vice President, Marketing, for Draeger Medical’s Anesthesia Division. This position oversaw the Marketing and Sales for anesthesia technologies as well as their development in the United States and Europe. Mr. Argentieri also consolidated Draeger Medical’s Information Technology development leading to his promotion as President and General Manager of Draeger Medical’s Healthcare Information Technology Division. This division was responsible for Draeger’s Anesthesia and Critical Care electronic medical record products. After a merger with Siemens Medical, the division also became responsible for the clinical front end to Siemens’s hospital-wide patient information systems. In 2005 Mr. Argentieri was selected by Olympus America to be their Vice President for Sales and Marketing and acting general manager for its medical diagnostics division. Olympus is a leading world-wide supplier of clinical chemistry and immune assay diagnostic technologies. 

Michael Argentieri, EXCITE International ISC

Michael Argentieri

Vice President of Market Development at ECRI Institute

Upon returning to ECRI, Mr. Argentieri reengineered ECRI’s processes for sales management, product management and development and ran sales between sales leaders. In addition, Mr. Argentieri has been a  part for the Accident Investigation Division performing investigations on life support and monitoring technologies. 

In 2015, he was asked to also oversee the engineering and recall management divisions. This has resulted in a three-time increase in output with no additional staff. He has also developed formal clinical collaboration with major medical centers expanding and developed a user survey system to obtain end user assessments on product performance. 

Mr. Argentieri serves as ECRI’s primary contact with the FDA with whom he has headed numerous joint projects.

Mr. Argentieri received his Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering Technology from Drexel University in 1985. His graduate research and Masters Thesis was on the development and analysis of a discrete occlude/transducer for the indirect measurement of blood pressure.

Mr. Argentieri has served on the board of directors for the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI), the Society for Technology in Anesthesia and the American Society of Anesthesia’s Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation. He is a Charter Member of the American College of Clinical Engineering. Mr. Argentieri is a frequent lecturer on Patient Safety, Anesthesia, Ventilation, Critical Care and Information Technologies, Technology Management, Technology Development and Global Integration.

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