Maroeska Rovers, PhD

Maroeska Rovers is a professor in evidence-based surgery at the Radboud University Medical Center in the Netherlands, and a member of the EXCITE International Scientific Collaboration.

Dr. Maroeska Rovers is a Professor of Medical TEchnology & Innovation, Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands; Medical Director TechMed Center, University of Twetne; and co-chair Health Innovation Netherlands. Dr. Rovers is also a member of the EXCITE International Scientific Collaboration. 

Prof. Rovers’ ambition is to contribute to the development of effective, affordable and valuable medical innovations. Her research has been characterized as visionary, innovative, international, and highly productive. Her international (multi-center) projects have shown that she can bring together the joint efforts of internationally leading experts to further develop worldwide innovations. She also has ample experience with the scientific co-ordination of clinical studies, and these studies have demonstrated real impact through the uptake of published findings in international clinical guidelines and by practitioners and methodologists. She has served on many national and international funding agencies and committees and is an elected member of the Academy of Engineering (AcTI) and Academia Europe.

Dr. Maroeska Rovers, PhD, Excite International Advisory Council

Dr. Maroeska Rovers

Professor, Evidence-Based Surgery, Radboud University Medial Centre, Netherlands

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