Maroeska Rovers, PhD

Maroeska Rovers is a professor in evidence-based surgery at the Radboud University Medical Center in the Netherlands, and a member of the EXCITE International Scientific Collaboration.

Maroeska Rovers (1973) is appointed as a full professor in evidence-based surgery at the Radboud University Medical Center in the Netherlands. She studied Health Sciences and did her major in clinical epidemiology. After her PhD (2000) she was appointed as a postdoc at the MRC Institute of hearing Research in Nottingham (2001), and as an associate professor at the University Medical Center Utrecht (2001-2011).

Since 2010, she has secured 4.5 million Euro in grant funding. Recent success include a large grant from the Dutch cancer research society (1.2 million Euro), a TOP grant for outstanding research groups, and several Health Care Efficiency grants. Prof. Rovers major scientific strength is her cross-sectoral/ multidisciplinary approach. Her international projects and multi-center trials have shown that she is able to bring together the joint efforts of internationally leading experts to further develop worldwide innovations.

Her current ambition is to revolutionize surgical clinical science, so that (surgical) medical innovations will be affordable, effective, and of added value to the patient.

She has published >225 peer-reviewed articles in major international journals (e.g. Lancet, NEJM, BMJ Archives of Internal Medicine, Annals of Surgery) with 4061 citations (excluding self citations) yielding an H-index of 36 (Researcher unique identifier: won several national and international prizes with her work.

She supervised 26 PhD students of whom 12 have defended their thesis successfully; the other 14 are ongoing.

Dr. Maroeska Rovers, PhD, Excite International Advisory Council

Dr. Maroeska Rovers

Professor, Evidence-Based Surgery, Radboud University Medial Centre, Netherlands

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