About Excite International

EXCITE International's mission is to improve well-being and create value by accelerating the adoption of disruptive new health technology innovations, with greater certainty, at a lower cost.

Our Mandate: A New Approach to Health Technology Innovation

Bringing A New Approach to Health TechFailing - By Design

Existing approaches to driving disruptive effective innovations across the trajectory from development to evaluation, adoption and post-adoption evaluation are fragmented, inefficient, counterintuitive, expensive and unnecessarily convoluted.

The current paradigm delays access by patients to potentially important technologies, increases risk to investors and innovators, stifles innovation and contributes to an adversarial relationship between industry and health systems.

A Better Way

EXCITE International represents a major positive disruption in the application of evidence to the evaluation of technology.

EXCITE International is committed to the idea that innovators/industry, regulators, payers, health systems, end users and patients (“stakeholders”) need to work together from the premarket/pre-adoption phase of the innovation lifecycle and continuing through post-adoption.

Health systems need to be thought of as a single ecosystem, with greater stakeholder collaboration enabling improved innovation-to-adoption innovation pathways for both medical devices and for value-based approaches to outcomes and reimbursement.


EXCITE International shifts the existing medical technology approval and uptake paradigm from a post-market/adoption health technology assessment design decoupled from regulatory evidence generation, to a pre-market harmonized design that better meets the needs of regulators, payers and health systems.

EXCITE International’s protocol accelerates the availability of potentially new and effective treatments to patients and offers a more efficient approach to health care delivery. It creates opportunities for health systems and patients to become more involved in creating a health innovation pipeline that responds to their needs.

Read our manuscript, recently accepted for publication in the International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care relating to our experience in early technology review (ETR) by payers and expert end-users to broaden stakeholder representation beyond FDA to include these additional important perspectives early in technology development.

EXCITE International: Compelling Value Propositions


Faster access to innovative health technologies with proven outcomes

Payers/Health Systems

  • Expectations address early
  • Lead time for adoption
  • Influence innovation pipeline
  • Decreased Costs
  • Early involvement in selection
  • Expedited Access


  • Mitigates re-submissions
  • Alignment with health system and innovation agenda


  • Single harmonized process
  • Expedited adoption Mitigates risk
  • Negotiate conditions of adoption pre-launch
  • Socializes technology Early

Academic Centres

  • Access to new disruptive technologies
  • Meaningful policy impacts
  • New methodological challenges

The Executive Board Our Leadership Team

Work with us. EXCITE International can assist you in facilitating multi-jurisdictional clinical trials through its partnership with government, clinical experts, methodology centres and health system decision makers.