The International Scientific Collaboration

International Scientific Collaboration (ISC) members work to guide new innovations in medical technology for the healthcare system by facilitating teamwork and partnerships within the global scientific community.

Brian Luce, EXCITE International ISC

Bryan Luce, MS

Dr. Bryan R. Luce is President & CEO of Luce Outcomes Research and Affiliate Professor, School of Pharmacy, University of Washington.
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Rod Taylor, EXCITE International ISC

Rod Taylor, PhD

Rod has been working in health service research and health technology assessment for over 20 years and has published more than 200 research articles.
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Michael Argentieri, EXCITE International ISC

Michael Argentieri, MSc

Michael Argentieri is the Vice President of Market Development at ECRI Institute.  
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Naomi Aronson, EXCITE International ISC

Naomi Aronson, PhD

Naomi Aronson, PhD, is the Executive Director of Clinical Evaluation, Innovation, and Policy, Blue Cross & Blue Shield Association.  
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Elise Berliner, EXCITE International ISC

Elise Berliner, PhD Observer

Dr. Elise Berliner, Ph.D., is the Director of the Technology Assessment Program at the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).  
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Joseph Cafazzo, EXCITE International ISC

Joseph Cafazzo, PhD

Dr. Cafazzo is Lead for the Centre for Global eHealth Innovation. As a biomedical engineer, he has spent his entire career in hospitals.  
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Jason Connor, EXCITE International ISC

Jason Connor

Jason Connor is the President and Lead Statistical Scientist at ConfluenceStat LLC.

Gheorghe Doros, EXCITE International ISC

Gheorghe Doros, PhD

Gheorghe Doros is Professor of Biostatistics, Director of Statistical Consulting at Baim Institute for Clinical Research and Director of the Biostatistics Consulting Group.
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Rachael Fleurence, EXCITE International ISC

Rachael Fleurence, MD

Rachael L. Fleurence, PhD is the inaugural Executive Director of the newly formed National Evaluation System for Health Technology (NEST) Coordinating Center. 
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Brett Hauber, EXCITE International ISC

Brett Hauber, PhD

Brett Hauber, PhD, has more than 15 years of academic, research, and government experience in health and environmental economics.
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Peter Juni, EXCITE International ISC

Peter Jüni, MD

Dr. Jüni is internationally renowned for his methodological work and for his research on cardiovascular and musculoskeletal disorders.
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Peter McCulloch, EXCITE International ISC

Peter McCulloch, MD

Dr. Peter McCulloch is a Reader (Assistant Professor) in surgery at University of Oxford. He takes a keen interest in surgical safety and quality.
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Fiona Miller, EXCITE International ISC

Fiona Miller, PhD

Dr. Miller's work centres on health technology policy and brings a health policy perspective to analyzing systems of health research and innovation.
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Rod Taylor, EXCITE International ISC

Amit Oza, MD

Dr. Amit Oza is a Medical Oncologist and Professor of Medicine at University of Toronto and CEO of Ozmosis Research, a not for profit social enterprise clinical research organization. 
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Brian Luce, EXCITE International ISC

Joseph Ross, MD

Dr. Joseph Ross is a Professor of Medicine and of Public Health at the Yale School of Medicine and a member of the Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation at the Yale-New Haven Hospital.
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Dr. Maroeska Rovers, EXCITE International ISC

Maroeska Rovers, PhD

Maroeska Rovers is appointed as a full professor in evidence-based surgery at the Radboud University Medical Center in the Netherlands.
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Dr. Per Olav Vandvik, EXCITE International ISC

Per Olav Vandvik, PhD

Dr. Per Olav Vandvik is professor of medicine, senior researcher at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, and works as a consultant physician in internal medicine.
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