The EXCITE International Leadership Team

EXCITE International's operations are led by Dr. Les Levin, CEO and Chief Scientific Officer; Shahira Bhimani, Vice President, Business Development and Operations; and Dan Wright, Secretary/Treasurer. MaRS Discovery District is supplying administrative support during startup.

Dr. Leslie Levin, Chief Executive and Scientific Officer

Dr. Levin is an international opinion leader in creating a transformational change in the application of evidence to drive impactful innovation and guide it along the pathway to adoption. He is the Founder and Chief Executive and Scientific Officer of EXCITE International.

In 2011, Dr Levin initiated the first comprehensive collaborative premarket evaluation program, MaRS EXCITE, at MaRS Development District in Toronto to drive innovation to adoption. This program is currently evaluating 11 new technologies. Based on the success of MaRS EXCITE, in 2014 he founded EXCITE International which was recently incorporated as an non-profit independent organization to expedite adoption of new impactful technologies globally. EXCITE International represents a collaboration between USA, UK, Canada and the Netherlands and is growing to include other jurisdictions...

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Shahira Bhimani, Vice President, Business Development & Operations

Shahira Bhimani is the Vice President, Business Development and Operations for EXCITE International and Advisor, Health Venture Services, MaRS Discovery District.

Shahira plays an instrumental role in operationalizing the EXCITE International value proposition of generating globally relevant evidence for innovative technologies that is relevant to regulators, payers and policy decision-makers in order to expedite international market adoption.

Concurrently, Shahira works with MaRS clients in the medical device space to maximize their commercialization capacity and get their innovations adopted both locally and internationally.

Prior to her time in these capacities, Shahira held a leadership role at the Health Technology Exchange (HTX) where she focused on providing funding opportunities, support services and thought leadership to the Ontario medtech sector.

Over the years, her broad based knowledge around product development and commercialization of medical devices, along with her extensive network and expertise around local and international market access, have allowed Shahira to provide strategic guidance to innovative medical device companies in developing multi-market access strategies for evidence generation, commercialization and innovation adoption.

Dan Wright, Board Secretary / Treasurer

Dan brings twenty-five years of experience in senior financial and executive roles in the public and private sectors to his role at EXCITE International.

His public sector experience also includes four years as an Assistant Deputy Minister with the Ontario Ministry of Finance, where he was responsible for the Broader Public Sector (BPS) Supply Chain Secretariat.

In addition to his public sector experience, Dan’s private sector background includes positions at MNP LLP, where he was the Managing Director, Advisory (Ontario) and at Electrohome, where he was Senior Vice President and CFO.

Dan was appointed Secretary/Treasurer to the Executive Board of EXCITE International in February 2016.

About EXCITE International Executive Board Advisory Council

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