Scaled-back Early Technology Review Now Available

Posted Jan 6th, 2020 in News

EXCITE International is pleased to announce a new and more affordable Early Technology Review (ETR) for non-drug health technologies by excluding economic (decision analysis) modelling. Decision analysis can be undertaken if requested through our partners in the Netherlands, especially for more developed technologies and those seeking adoption in European markets.

Two Phases of the Scaled-back ETR:

1.    Phase 1 Framework of expectations for an ETR and early rapid health technology assessment of the technology and other competing treatments.
Timeframe     4-6 weeks
*Cost             $15,000

2.    Phase 2 Appointment of a Panel of international payers, health systems, expert end-users and evidence scientists to undertake a full ETR followed by input from the EXCITE International’s Payers’ Advisory Committee and Scientific Collaboration.
Timeframe     14 weeks
*Cost             $30,000

Our ETR will continue to bring together representatives from some of the largest international payers, health systems, experts and methodologists, including members of our Payers’ Advisory Committee and International Scientific Collaboration. Their insights have changed the development and/or strategic direction for companies, allowing them to improve the chances of their technologies being adopted downstream.

Companies that have completed ETRs have continued to engage with EXCITE International to the next phase of adoption/implementation through protocol development and clinical trials, using the ETR as the platform.
EXCITE International offers its unique ETR process to consultants already employed by health technology companies as a value-add to their services.

For companies unwilling to undertake an ETR or who are considering a pivotal trial, EXCITE International continues to offer involvement in clinical trial protocol development and execution to ensure that key payers, health systems and experts are engaged in these developments. This can be requested by the company or by a CRO already engaged by the company.

While EXCTE International cannot guarantee final adoption, which is governed by individual payers and health systems, it aims to reduce the high risk of rejection of regulatory approved health technologies.

Contact keelinmayer@exciteinternational or for more information.

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