Ilse Treurnicht

Ilse Treurnicht is the former CEO of MaRS Discovery District, a leading innovation centre located in Toronto.

In her previous role as CEO of MaRS Discovery District, Ilse oversaw both the development and operations of the MaRS Centre, as well its broad suite of entrepreneurship and innovation programs.

Ilse joined MaRS in early 2005 from her role as President & CEO of Primaxis Technology Ventures, a startup-stage venture capital fund focused on the advanced technologies sector. Prior to Primaxis, she was an entrepreneur with senior management roles in a number of emerging technology companies. Ilse is an active member of Canada’s innovation community.

She served as Chair of the Canadian Task Force on Social Finance in 2010, and is a member of the Science, Technology and Innovation Council (STIC).

Ilse holds a DPhil in chemistry from Oxford University, which she attended as a Rhodes scholar.

Ilse Treurnicht, EXCITE Executive Board Member

Ilse Treurnicht

Former CEO of MaRS Discovery District

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